Leila Zelli, Offscreen, 2016, video, color, sound, 8 min 31 s
Video installation :
Projection, 8 min and 30 s, looped. excerpt: Videos of bombings in the "Middle East" on Youtube (2016)
Television, 1hr and 25 min, looped. excerpt: Bambi, Walt Disney (1942)

  • Presented for the first time at the Centre de Diffusion et d'Expérimentation des étudiants de la maîtrise en arts visuels et médiatiques (CDEx), as part of the exhibition À suivre .... in winter 2016
  • Installation as part of Nuit Blanche, in collaboration with Guillaume Pascale, Nicolas Dufour Laperrière and Élise Lafontaine, Horizons incertains, CDEx, UQÀM, Montreal, 2017

A selection of bombing videos from different sources (news channels, videos captured by individuals, etc.) and broadcast on YouTube, Leila made this work after seeing a report about people bringing their chairs to watch the bombing on the Gaza Strip as if it were a fireworks show. This audiovisual montage was projected onto the windows of the CDEx, so that the image could be seen both from inside and outside the Gallery, where Christmas lights on the fronts of the surrounding shops were also visible. She then synchronized the tape with two songs from the Disney cartoon Bambi, which she watched every day as a child, while the Iran-Iraq war loomed on the horizon.